Big bags are one of the most effective and appropriate types of packaging for transport and storage of large quantities of various materials. They are made of polypropylene fabric and are in line with international norms.

Every big bag is unique and manufactured according to the specification and configurations, which define themselves. In doing so, we can help you combine your requirements with our experience.


  • wide scope for packaging, transporting, storage,Slika4

  • extremely durable,

  • base material is 100% polypr
    opylene (environment friendly, harmless to health) and it is also suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries,

  • specific requirements can easily be met by relatively fast construction of a new type of bag,

  • with the use of a sheet, the container bag is used for the widest range of hygroscopic materials,

  • container bag takes minimal space in warehouse,

  • capacity of the bag is thousand times greater than the weight of a single bag,

  • the possibility of multiple use,

  • container bag is recyclable,

  • content is safe from moisture and UV rays,

  • have an appropriate certificate,

  • standard bag.




  1. Standard bag
  2. Stable shape bag (bag to retain its shape)
  3. Bag over the corner handles
  4. Bag with tubular handles,
  5. UN bag (suitable for ecologically objectionable materials)
  6. One (two) handle bag
  7. The conical bag (easier emptying)