• top quality,

  • 5 – layered film manufactured using innovative blow-molding technology,

  • excellent elasticity and high resistance to cracking and tearing,

  • weather protection of feed,

  • antistatic,

  • high rate of stickiness,

  • excellent sealing between layers,

  • UV stabilized, minimum resistance to UV radiation: 1 year,

  • 70 % higher elasticity,

  • oxygen impermeability, which enables the highest quality of silage,

  • easy storage.

Artikel Dimenzije (mm) Debelina Barva
500/1800 500×1800 25 μm zelena, bela
750/1500 750×1500 25 μm zelena, bela
750/1950 750×1950 20 μm zelena, bela


With use of our film you can produce more bales of highest quality, bales are better shaped and suitable for long storage time in all weather conditions.










We also offer MANTELFOLIJO for baling F & F, which is a combination of foil and foil and replace the grid for baling.


  • Increased resistance to mechanical damage
  • Improved crop conservation
  • Reduces mold formation
  • Enhanced edge of the bale
  • It covers the entire width of the bale
  • It allows for better preservation of shape Bale
  • Null crop loss (no sticking material)
Item Dimension (mm) Thickness Color
F&F 1280 x 2000 16 μm white
F&F 1380 x 2000 16 μm white