• wide range of applications,

  • content weather protection,

  • antistatic,

  • 3-4 turns to form a firm bale,

  • warning line which signals end of package (last 50 metres),

  • guaranteed declared length (+ 5%),

  • quality control,

  • traceability control for each roll (control number),

  • highly UV stabilized,

  • unprecedented overlap and production of even bales,

  • recycling,

  • edge to edge technology


Spider net:  
Material UV-stabilized HDPE with an antistatic additive
Color Transparent with blue edges
Tube length 1.250 mm
Internal tube diameter 76 mm
Package width 0,60 m; 1,23 m; 1,25 m; 1,30 m
Package length 2000 m; 3000 m; 3600 m; 4200 m
Breaking force 280 kg
Packing 36 rolls at 2000 m

32 rolls at 3000 m

28 rolls at 3600 m

Based on buyers needs and wishes we can also offer other dimensions of the coil. Novelty on the market is SILO NET, which is environmentally friendly and more economical net for baling. It is particularly suited for silage and has all characteristics of conventional nets. A bale has to be foiled in agrostretch film within 48 hours. It’s 3000 m long and 1,23m or 1,25m wide.